Diesel Heavy

Welcome to Hyundai’s 7E series range of heavy counterbalance forklift trucks. With lifting capacities

ranging from 11,000 KG through to 30,000 KG we’ve got you covered when it comes to lifting heavy loads. Combining the ever reliable Cummins engines and ZF Fully Automatic transmission, expect power and performance second to none. Electric tilting cab for easy maintenance, digital load indicator, spacious operator cabin with air con and radio, quick response hydraulic control levers, automatic park brake and reversing camera are just a few of the features within the Hyundai range. A fantastic all round performer. Your operators will forever be thankful for choosing a Hyundai heavy counterbalance diesel forklift truck.



The 110D-7E is the first of the range with lifting capacity up to 11,000 KG. With excellent power and performance, alongside Hyundai’s proven reliability and standard features make the 110D-7E a viable option for those looking to handle larger loads.

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130D-7E - Diesel Heavy

The 130D-7E is a great all round performer. Take advantage of the extra lifting capacity of 13,000 KG while maintaining the manoeuvrability characteristics of the 110D-7E.

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160D-7E - Diesel Heavy

Step up in size to Hyundai’s 160D-7E. Offering lifting capacity of 16,000 KG, utilise the power and performance of the Cummins and ZF combination to handle those larger loads.

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180D-7E - Diesel Heavy

Admire Hyundai’s unique 180D-7E, delivering a lifting capacity of 18,000 KG at an extending load centre of 900mm. A great option when lifting heavier material but restricted for space.

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250D-7E- Diesel Heavy

The first of Hyundai’s impressive 1200 load centre forklift trucks. All the features of the smaller machines along with the increased power to handle larger loads.

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300D-7E - Diesel Heavy

The largest of the Hyundai range with a lift capacity of 30,000 KG. This is one impressive piece of equipment ready to tackle whatever you throw at it.

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