Pre-Start Checks

Operator daily checks are an important and sometimes overlooked process.

A good operation will make sure staff are working to a routine and keeping records of all checks, either electronically or on paper. The pre start check is an opportunity to spot a worn or damaged item before it becomes a safety issue or brings the business to a halt. Loose or missing wheel nuts for example are a simple fix when picked up on the pre start check. Failure to do this however could have major consequences.

The key here is to get into a routine and not take shortcuts. Some clients will choose to carry out a daily pre start check on the necessary items, as well as a complete check once a week. When operating a double shift, have staff perform the pre start check at the change of shift.

Having an electronic check in place means all records are stored and can be accessed on line at any given time. Management can be alerted to failed checks immediately and in some cases the equipment can be locked out until a supervisor or manager has signed off on the forklift.

A simple 5 minute check will not only help to protect your asset but also provide a safe work environment for all.


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